Crowns and bridges are reconstructive restorations that can’t be taken out and cleaned every day, like dentures. Sealed onto current teeth or implants, crowns and bridges are meant to be stable replacements for broken teeth.

What do crowns do and how do they work?

A crown protects or “caps” a decayed, broken down large restoration, fractured, or root-canaled tooth. Crowns are used to strengthen and improve the appearance of a damaged tooth. A crown is also placed over an implant and abutment to give it a tooth-like shape and structure.

There are various types of material for crowns. Most commonly porcelain or ceramic crowns are used to match your front teeth. Porcelain with a metal substructure is much stronger than porcelain alone, and are generally recommended for back teeth. It does, however, provide great cosmetic results as well.


Crowns can last you forever, but hygiene is an important factor. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily will help the longevity of any crown.

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