Do you have a toothache? Swelling? Pain?

Toothaches are miserable. At Platinum Dental Care, we all have been there.

Fear of going to the dentist often keeps people from receiving preventive care. You won’t feel judged here at Platinum Dental Care. We pride ourselves in serving Forest Park and the surrounding communities in a painless and efficient manner. We know you don’t want to spend any more time at the dentist’s office than you have to.

We Know That When You Are in Pain, It Is Hard to Function

We are here to help you get out of pain.

Because of her own experience with a toothache when she was young, Dr. Ahmed puts a high priority on treating patients in pain. This is one of the reasons why Dr. Ahmed has spent many, many hours learning techniques to become proficient in the two ways to treat a tooth infection – root canals and extractions. She makes it a priority to get patients out of pain as fast as possible while making sure that patients have the best treatment for the situation that they are in.

If you have a toothache, you could not come to a safer or friendlier place. Our staff is here to make this painful, unfortunate experience as easy as it can be. At Platinum Dental Care, we have the latest technology to make your visit comfortable. We have digital X-rays and other technologies that help to make your visit as efficient and painless as possible.

Please Call Our Office as Soon as Possible if You Are in Pain

If your tooth is painful or swollen, please call us at (708) 771-0330 right away and we will do our best to get you out of pain as fast as we can.