Many people are afraid of dental visits, especially when they know they have teeth that are broken or decayed.

Dr. Ahmed and the team at Platinum Dental Care want your trip to the dentist to be a good experience.  When you come into our office, you won’t feel judged, regardless of whether you have a Hollywood smile or only a few teeth left.

Having a tooth extracted can be a tough time for anyone. We want you to have the best experience you can.  

Why Do I Need a Tooth Extracted?

The two biggest reasons that people have teeth extracted are decay (cavities) or an infection (abscess). If you have an infection, your toothache could be extremely painful.

Dr. Ahmed had an infection in a tooth when she was younger. She can relate to how painful it can be. In most instances, we try to save the tooth, but sometimes the best solution is to extract it.

How Can I Replace the Tooth I’ve Had Extracted?

There are a couple different options to replace a missing tooth. They each have their plusses and minuses. The ways to replace a missing tooth include:

This list is ranked from the option that is most like your natural teeth (dental implants) to the option least like your natural teeth (dentures). Within each option, there are a number of different variations. Please visit the page for each to learn more about them.

If you think you may need to have a tooth extracted, whether it’s a baby tooth or a adult tooth, give the team at Platinum Dental Care a call at (708) 771-0330.