Mercury-Free Dentistry

At Platinum Dental Care in Forest Park, we make it a priority to go the extra mile to keep our patients safe. Because of this, we have made our office mercury-free. 

You will not find any amalgam (silver mercury) filling material in our office. We know that your oral health is linked to the health of your entire body, and we do our best to help make you as healthy as possible.

What’s the Problem with Amalgam Fillings?

Amalgam fillings have been used in dentistry for decades because there was no good alternative to them until about twenty years ago. Dental materials have changed significantly, and we are now able to offer fillings and other restorations that are just as strong but don’t have the negative side effects that silver mercury fillings have.

One problem with amalgam fillings is that they have been shown to release small amounts of mercury as you chew. Mercury is a heavy metal that can be toxic to your body when it is found in too high of a concentration, leading to symptoms such as dementia, tremors, and several other medical conditions.

In addition to the potentially toxic mercury, amalgam fillings can cause fractures in your teeth that may eventually lead to your tooth breaking around the old filling. The metal used in amalgam fillings expands and contracts at a faster rate than your tooth does. This puts forces on your tooth that it was not designed to withstand. Your tooth will eventually begin to have fracture lines that may lead to tooth structure actually breaking.

Please Contact Us for More Information

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have. We know we do things a little differently than most other dental offices in the area. Please call our office at (708) 771-0330 with questions or to schedule an appointment.