Root canals have a bad reputation.

Most of this is not the fault of the root canal, but is actually because of the infection or abscess that makes the root canal necessary. The vast majority of the time, a root canal is painless and actually makes you feel a lot better.  

Dr. Ahmed knows this from experience. When she was younger, she had a badly infected tooth. The pain that she experienced during this was unbearable. When she had a root canal done, the pain went away virtually overnight minus a little tenderness.

At Platinum Dental Care, we don’t want you to feel any pain. We know that root canals are scary to most people, but they don’t have to be. Dr. Ahmed has done extra training and she uses the latest methods and techniques to make the whole process as efficient and painless for you as possible.

Why a Root Canal Is Needed

Root canals are needed when your tooth is infected. The most common cause of a tooth becoming infected is decay that is large enough to reach the inside of your tooth. Once the bacteria that cause decay reach the center of your tooth, it begins to die.

When your tooth has gotten to this point, there are only two ways to get rid of the infection, a root canal or an extraction. With all the advances of modern dentistry, there are many great options for replacing a tooth. Even with all the advances dentistry has made in the last few decades, however, there is nothing better than the tooth that God gave you.

Root Canal Procedure

The team at Platinum Dental Care is here to help give you the best treatment possible, and often this means keeping your own tooth. We start out by removing the infected nerve and blood vessels in the middle of your tooth. Dr. Ahmed will then reshape the inside of your tooth and fill the area with a special root canal filling material.

After the root canal is done, you will often need a crown. See our Crowns page to see more information about it. We will let you know all about this before we begin.

Our Technology

We utilize digital x-rays that require less than half the amount of radiation than the old film x-rays needed. These are also developed instantly, so there is no more waiting for an x-ray to develop in the middle of your root canal.

During your root canal, you will be able to lay back, relax, and listen to your music.

Call Us with Questions or to Schedule

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